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   In July of 2011, we suffered a devastating fire which rendered my business a complete loss.  After much thought and cost analysis, I decided not to rebuild.


I am working with NORTHLAND CASTINGS in Michigan, a short drive north of my former location. This metal castings plant is ideal for your single piece to medium volume

  requirements in gray and ductile iron. You may contact me through this website or

      directly through this link to Northland Castings>>


                I am also working with G&W Foundry which is located in the Boston, MA., area.

                   They are ideal for your higher volume requirements in all metal types. I have had

                   a business relationship with G&W for more than 20 years. Again, you may

                   contact me through this website or directly through this link to G&W>> (medium

                          to high volume requirements. Ferrous (irons) or non-Ferrous (brass, aluminum,



                   I look forward to a continued business relationship with my current customers

                   and helping thos3 who have a need in all types of metals!





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